***Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control related to COVID-19, the Orthodox Minyan at Harvard Hillel will not be able to operate again for the foreseeable future. A group of local Jewish leaders is now organizing outdoor minyanim with strict social distancing guidelines for the broader Cambridge Jewish community. If you'd like more information, please contact us.***

Shabbat services are held every Shabbat of the year for every tefillah. Members of the community come from all over Cambridge and Somerville to daven with us. 

Friday Mincha, followed by Kabbalat Shabbat and Maariv, begins shortly after candle lighting most of the year and at 7:30PM during the summer. In the winter, when Shabbat begins early, a short shiur is given by Rabbi Passow between Mincha and Kabbalat Shabbat.

We publish a community parsha sheet, the Can Tab, each Shabbat. If you are interested in submitting a d'var Torah, you can sign up here.

Shacharit generally begins at 9AM, with the start time sometimes pushed back to 9:30 in the summer. Torah reading is done entirely by community members. If you are interested in leining, please sign up here. Our weekly Tot Shabbat program begins after Torah reading. A d'var Torah is shared by Rabbi Passow or a member of the community either before or after Musaf. If you're interested in sharing words of Torah, please reach out to Mike Frank. After davening, we host a community kiddush. If you are interested in sponsoring a kiddush for a simcha, yahrtzeit, or other event, please reach out to Mike.

Mincha on Shabbat afternoon begins about 20 minutes before Friday's candle lighting time. It is followed by seudah shlishit featuring spirited singing and words of Torah. Maariv at the end of Shabbat begins 44 minutes after sunset, followed by Havdalah.

Our weekly kiddush and seudah shlishit are funded entirely by donations. Please consider contributing by visiting our donations page.

The Orthodox Minyan at Harvard Hillel is a welcoming community rooted in Modern Orthodox values serving students, professionals, and young families in Cambridge and Somerville.

For service times, please click here.

52 Mount Auburn Street

Cambridge, MA 02138