The Minyan's leadership is composed of undergraduates, graduate students, and members of the community. Please use the contact form to reach members of our leadership team.

Governing Board:

Co-Chairs: Abigail Huebner and Evan Crane

Immediate Past Chair: Davey Schoenberg
Co-Vice Chairs of Education: Leah Baron and Mike Frank
Vice Chair of Social Programming: Julia Book
Co-Vice Chairs of Ritual Administration: Talia Weisberg and Noah Mulgay
Co-Undergraduate Representatives: Rachel Harris and Michael Gul

Co-Graduate Student Representatives: Adina Bechhofer and Reuven Herzog
Co-Community Member Representatives: Akiva Gordon and Shlomo Miller

Historian: Jerry Zuriff

Committee Chairs:

Chessed Chair: Miriam Renz

Hospitality Chair: Talia Weisberg

Kiddush Chair: Adina Bechhofer

Seudah Shlishit Chair: Raphi Chernoff

Tzedakah Chair: Jerry Zuriff