The Orthodox Minyan at Harvard Hillel is a welcoming community rooted in Modern Orthodox values serving students, professionals, and young families in Cambridge and Somerville.

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52 Mount Auburn Street

Cambridge, MA 02138


The are many opportunities for members of our community to engage in Torah learning. We have shiurim year-round (see the schedule below), and many educators in the community are available for one-on-one chevrutas. If you're interested in learning b'chevruta with another member of the community, we're happy to make connections. The Minyan also hosts several scholars-in-residence each year. Please sign up for our mailing list to stay informed about these events.

SHIURIM SCHEDULE FOR FALL 2019 (please email the teacher to confirm):


Contemporary Jewish Thought, taught by Zoe and Mike:

Mondays, 8pm. Located at a private home (email Zoe for location).

The "Contemporary Jewish Thought" group meets each week to discuss foundational questions of modern Judaism.  Representative topics include the dialectic between Israel as a nation and Judaism as a religion; halakha as a philosophical, not merely legal, system; am yisrael as a "chosen people" vs. the universalist impulse toward "tikkun olam."  Our discussions subject such topics to careful, sometimes painstaking inquiry,  often helping to define questions more carefully and clearly even if not answering them.

In the past we've devoted our meetings to reading books or long excerpts, but we're now changing formats to devote each meeting to a single short essay from the volume Contemporary Jewish Religious Thought.  These five to ten page essays, each by a different writer, deal with a range of essential issues from a variety of points of view.  Each week one participant chooses the essay for the following week and then leads the discussion.  Copies of these essays will be sent out electronically in advance of each meeting. 

Shmuel Aleph, taught by Adin:

Tuesdays, 8pm. Located at a private home (Email Adin for location).

The greater Boston Jewish community provides additional Torah study opportunities. Please reach out to Rabbi Passow to learn more.