**DISCLAIMER: The lists below (both in the links and on this page) are for informational purposes only. The presence of an establishment or item on one of these lists does not mean it has been approved by Rabbi Passow or the Minyan. Please make your own decisions about kashrut in conjunction with your personal halachic authority.**

There are many kosher options in Cambridge and nearby. In addition to the list below of kosher food near Hillel, the community has put together an extensive database of kosher establishments in the Boston area, organized by region, and a crowd-sourced list of which stores carry hard-to-find kosher items (such as meat and cheese) in Cambridge/Somerville.

Kosher Options Near Harvard Hillel:

Harvard Hillel Dining Hall

52 Mount Auburn Street

Open to the public 5-7PM Sun-Thurs while classes are in session

Certification: KVH, Meat

Reach out to Max with any questions

Harvard Law School Dining Hall Kosher Station

1585 Massachusetts Ave

Open to the public 11AM-12:30PM Mon-Fri while classes are in session

Certification: KVH, Meat

J.P. Licks

Ice cream, coffee, baked goods

1312 Massachusetts Ave

Open 7AM-12AM; weekends 8AM-12AM

Certification: KVH, Dairy

Clover Food Lab (Harvard Square)

Vegetarian fast casual restaurant

1326 Massachusetts Ave

Open 7AM-12AM; Sunday 9AM-10PM

Certification: Lighthouse Kosher, Dairy

Clover Food Lab (Science Center)

Vegetarian fast casual restaurant and cafe

1 Oxford Street (in the Harvard Science Center)

Restaurant open 8AM-8PM; Fri 8AM-5PM; weekends 11AM-6PM

Cafe open 9AM-4:30PM

Certification: Lighthouse Kosher, Dairy

Clover Food Lab (Central Square)

Vegetarian fast casual restaurant

496 Massachusetts Ave

Open 24 hours

Certification: Lighthouse Kosher, Dairy

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