PASSOVER 2021/5781

We are now preparing for our second Pesach in the COVID era. While many things are more certain than last year, we are still not going to have a normal holiday season. Again, this year, we understand that many members of our community will be making Pesach for the first or second time due to the COVID situation. To help ease the burden, we've put together a list of FAQs and resources, updated for this year (linked here).

Please don't hesitate to reach out to Rabbi Passow with any questions or concerns.

Dates and Times

Erev Pesach occurring on Shabbat adds additional complexity to the already busy days leading up to Pesach. The Pesach guides linked below all contain information on how to properly observe the mitzvot of erev Pesach and Shabbat. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to Rabbi Passow.

(The Camberville Ad Hoc Orthodox Minyan is planning to arrange davening throughout Pesach. Please contact us for more information.)

Thursday, March 25 (12 Nisan)

Fast of the Firstborn (begins 5:14am, ends 7:45pm); siyum information to come

Bedikat Chametz*, followed by the first nullification (kol chamira), not before 7:45pm

Friday, March 26 (13 Nisan) 

Burn chametz (except what's needed for Shabbat) before 11:33am; DO NOT recite the second nullification (kol chamira)

Candle lighting for Shabbat: 6:45pm

Shabbat, March 27 (14 Nisan, Erev Pesach) 

Latest time to eat chametz (including challah for Shabbat "lunch"): 10:17am

Latest time to destroy chametz and recite the second nullification (kol chamira): 11:33am

Shabbat ends; candle lighting; earliest time to prepare for/begin the seder: 7:47pm

Eat afikoman before 12:50am

Sunday, March 28 (15 Nisan, Pesach I)

Candle lighting and preparations for the seder can begin at 7:49pm

Eat afikoman before 12:49am

Monday, March 29 (16 Nisan, Pesach II)

Yom Tov ends/Havdalah: 7:50pm

Tuesday, March 30 through Thursday, April 1 (17-19 Nisan): Chol Ha'Moed

Friday, April 2 (20 Nisan, Erev Shabbat/Yom Tov)

Candle lighting (Shabbat/Yom Tov): 6:53pm

Shabbat, April 3 (21 Nisan, Pesach VII)

Candle lighting and preparations for second day can begin at 7:55pm

Sunday, April 4 (22 Nisan, Pesach VIII)

Pesach ends/Havdalah, 7:56pm

*See the link for guidelines if you will be leaving home before nightfall on 3/25.

Sale of Chametz

It is recommended that everybody engage in a halachic sale of chametz (even those who strive not to keep any chametz in their homes). Given the situation with COVID-19, the sale should be performed online this year with the KVH.

Pesach Guides

  • KVH Pesach Guide (they also recommend the OU and CRC passover guides).

  • The KVH's guide to KFP chalav stam dairy products is included in their guide, pp 13-14.

  • The KVH's guide to the purchase of chametz after pesach can be found here.

  • has a wealth of information available, including links to guides from many major kashrut organizations.

Kosher for Passover Groceries

  • The Butcherie (428 Harvard Street, Brookline) has the largest selection of pesach products in the area, including prepared foods. Delivery is available throughout Cambridge and Somerville ($100 minimum). Make sure to click "Passover Store" at the top of the page.

  • Costco's Waltham and Dedham locations typically have matza (shmurah and regular) and KFP cheeses, snacks, and desserts, though some items may sell out early

  • The following supermarkets typically have large pesach selections:

    • Stop and Shop Allston​

    • Star Market Allston

    • Stop and Shop Brookline

    • Star Market Chestnut Hill

    • Wegman's Medford

    • If you have information about the pesach selection at local supermarkets, please email Evan to have this list updated.

Kosher for Passover Prepared Foods

*Many non-Jewish-owned Kosher establishments stay open during Passover - these stores/restaurants are NOT KFP*

Kosher for Passover prepared foods are available at The Butcherie (KVH). These caterers are also offering Passover food (all under KVH):


Tevilat Keilim and Communal Kashering

Information regarding tevilat keilim can be found in the Passover FAQs.

The KVH will be offering communal kashering at Young Israel of Brookline on Sunday, March 21 by appointment only. More information is available here.

Oral Hygiene Products

The following products have been confirmed as chametz-free by the Star K:

  • Toothpaste: Aim, Colgate, Close Up, Pepsodent, Ultrabrite

  • Mouthwash: Scope (all), Colgate (all), Listerine (Cool Mint Antiseptic, Total Care Zero, Ultra Clean Antiseptic, Zero Alcohol)