PASSOVER 2020/5780

We understand that many members of our community will be making Pesach for the first time this year due to the COVID-19 situation, either alone, with roommates, or with spouses. To help ease the burden, we've put together a list of FAQs (linked here) and resources (below).

Please don't hesitate to reach out to Rabbi Passow with any questions or concerns.

Dates and Times

(Given our current closure due to COVID-19, all davening times are guidelines for praying alone. We will not meet for davening during Pesach. Information regarding a livestreamed siyum will be sent out over our mailing lists. Halachic guidance for biur chametz can be found in the FAQs.)

Tuesday, April 7

Mincha followed by Maariv, 7:05pm

Bedikat Chametz*, followed by the first nullification (kol chamira), not before 8:00pm

Wednesday, April 8 (Erev Pesach) 

Shacharit, followed by siyum for first borns, 7:25am

Finish eating chametz before 10:06am

Destruction of chametz followed by the second nullification (kol chamira), before 11:26am


Candle lighting: 7:00pm

Mincha followed by Maariv, 7:05pm

Earliest time to begin the seder: 8:02pm

Eat afikoman before 12:45am

Thursday, April 9 (Pesach I)

Shacharit, 9:30am

Mincha followed by Maariv, 7:05pm

Candle lighting and preparations for the seder can begin at 8:03pm

Friday, April 10 (Pesach II)

Shacharit, 9:30am

Candle lighting for Shabbat, 7:03pm

Mincha followed by Maariv, 7:05pm

Saturday, April 11 (Shabbat Chol HaMoed)

Shacharit, 9am

Mincha, 6:55pm

Maariv/Havdalah/Shabbat Ends, 8:05pm

Sunday, April 12 (Chol HaMoed)

Shacharit at 8:30am; mincha/maariv at 7:10pm

Monday, April 13 (Chol HaMoed)

Shacharit at 7:10am; mincha/maariv at 7:10pm

Tuesday, April 14 (Erev Yom Tov)

Shacharit, 7:10am

Candle lighting (Yom Tov): 7:07pm

Mincha followed by Maariv, 7:10pm

Wednesday, April 15 (Pesach VII)

Shacharit, 9am

Mincha followed by Maariv, 7:10pm

Candle lighting and preparations for second day can begin at 8:09pm

Thursday, April 16 (Pesach VIII)

Shacharit, 9am

Mincha, 7:10pm

Maariv/Havdalah/Pesach ends, 8:10pm

*See the link for guidelines if you will be leaving home before nightfall on the 7th.

Sale of Chametz

It is recommended that everybody engage in a halachic sale of chametz (even those who strive not to keep any chametz in their homes). Given the situation with COVID-19, the sale should be performed online this year on the KVH website.

Pesach Guides

  • The KVH pesach guide is available here; they also recommend using the OU and CRC passover guides.

  • The KVH's guide to KFP chalav stam dairy products is available on their website.

  • The KVH's guide to the purchase of chametz after pesach is available on their website.

  • has a wealth of information available, including links to guides from many major kashrut organizations.

Kosher for Passover Groceries

  • The Butcherie (428 Harvard Street, Brookline) has the largest selection of pesach products in the area, including prepared foods. (In order to protect the public, The Butcherie has announced extended hours - until 2am most nights - and is implementing additional sanitation.)

    • The Butcherie is now offering home delivery in Cambridge with a $100 minimum. See their website for more information.

  • Costco's Waltham and Dedham locations have matza (shmurah and regular) and KFP cheeses, snacks, and desserts

  • The following supermarkets typically have large pesach selections:

    • Stop and Shop Allston​

    • Star Market Allston

    • Stop and Shop Brookline

    • Star Market Chestnut Hill

    • Wegman's Medford

    • If you have information about the pesach selection at local supermarkets, please email Evan to have this list updated.

Kosher for Passover Prepared Foods

*Many non-Jewish-owned Kosher establishments stay open during Passover - these stores/restaurants are NOT KFP*

Kosher for Passover prepared foods are available at The Butcherie (KVH).

Oral Hygiene Products

The following products have been confirmed as chametz-free by the Star K:

  • Toothpaste: Aim, Colgate, Close Up, Pepsodent, Ultrabrite

  • Mouthwash: Scope (all), Colgate (all), Listerine (Cool Mint Antiseptic, Total Care Zero, Ultra Clean Antiseptic, Zero)

  • Lib Balm: Chapstick (Classic Original, Classic Strawberry, Medicated, Moisturizer)

Passover Preparation and Seder Resources

*Disclaimer: These guides are provided as-is as a resource only. Any halachic positions presented are those of the authors, not of Rabbi Passow or other local halachic authorities.*

The following guides have been put together to aid those who are making Pesach for the first time, either alone or in small groups and/or with limited resources. We extend our profound thanks to those who have put these resources together in this difficult time.

"Minimalist Pesach Guide" by former Orthodox Minyan clergy intern Rabbanit Leah Sarna

"A Different Pesach: Ideas for Solo and Small Sedarim" by Rabbanit Dasi Fruchter and others

"Haggadot 2020," a guide for how to figure out a haggadah given the circumstances

Additionally, we have collected extra haggadot for those would like to borrow. Please contact Zoe for more information.

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