The Orthodox Minyan at Harvard Hillel is a welcoming community rooted in Modern Orthodox values serving students, professionals, and young families in Cambridge and Somerville.

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52 Mount Auburn Street

Cambridge, MA 02138


*Preparing for Pesach can be a daunting task. Please don't hesitate to reach out to Rabbi Passow if you have any questions.*

Dates and Times

Thursday, April 18: 

Mincha followed by Maariv, 7:15pm

Bedikat Chametz*, followed by the first nullification (kol chamira), not before 8:13pm

Friday, April 19 (Erev Pesach): 

Shacharit, followed by siyum for first borns, 7:25am

Finish eating chametz before 10:04am

Burning of chametz followed by the second nullification (kol chamira), before 11:24am**

Candle lighting (Shabbat and Yom Tov): 7:12pm

Mincha followed by Maariv, 7:15pm

Earliest time to begin the seder: 8:14pm

Eat afikoman before 12:43am

Saturday, April 20 (Pesach I):

Shacharit, 9:30am

Mincha followed by Maariv, 7:00pm

Shabbat ends, candle lighting (Yom Tov only) and preparations for the seder can begin at 8:14pm

Sunday, April 21 (Pesach II):

Shacharit, 9:30am

Mincha followed by Maariv, 7:15pm

Yom Tov ends at 8:15pm

Monday, April 22 through Wednesday, April 24 (Chol HaMoed)

Shacharit each day at 7am; Mincha each day at 7:20pm

Thursday, April 25 (Erev Yom Tov)


Shacharit, 7am

Candle lighting (Yom Tov): 7:19pm

Mincha followed by Maariv, 7pm

Friday, April 26 (Pesach VII)

Shacharit, 9am

Candle lighting (Shabbat and Yom Tov): 7:20pm

Mincha followed by Maariv, 7pm

Saturday, April 27 (Pesach VIII)

Shacharit, 9am

Mincha, 7pm

Maariv; Shabbat and Pesach end at 8:22pm

*See the link for guidelines if you will be leaving home before nightfall on the 18th.

**Chametz burning will be available in the Hillel courtyard beginning at approximately 8:15am.

Sale of Chametz

It is recommended that everybody engage in a halachic sale of chametz (even those who strive not to keep any chametz in their homes). This sale should ideally be done in person with Rabbi Passow (details will be sent over the mailing list). For those unable to sell their chametz in this manner, you can do so online through the KVH.

Pesach Guides

The KVH recommends using the OU and CRC passover guides this year.

The KVH's guide to KFP dairy products available in local stores can be found here.

The KVH's guide to the purchase of chametz after pesach can be found here.

Kosher for Passover Groceries

  • The Butcherie (428 Harvard Street, Brookline) has the largest selection of pesach products in the area, including prepared foods.

  • Costco's Waltham and Dedham locations have KFP cheeses, meats, prepared meals (MealMart), snacks, and desserts

  • The following supermarkets typically have large pesach selections:

    • Stop and Shop Allston​

    • Star Market Allston

    • Star Market Chestnut Hill

    • Stop and Shop Brookline

    • Wegman's Medford

    • If you have information about the pesach selection at local supermarkets, please email Evan to have this list updated.

Kosher for Passover Foodservice

*Many non-Jewish-owned Kosher establishments stay open during Passover - these stores/restaurants are NOT KFP*

Kosher for passover food will be available at the following locations during Chol HaMoed (all under the KVH):

  • Harvard Hillel Dining Hall, 52 Mount Auburn Street, Cambridge

    • Lunch 12-2pm M-Th; Dinner 5-7pm M-W​

  • Pure Cold Press, 326 Harvard Street, Brookline

    • 8am-8pm M-W (Thursday hours to be updated)​

  • MIT Hillel, 40 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge

    • Lunch 1​1am-3pm M-Th; Dinner 5-8pm M-W

  • BU Hillel, 213 Bay State Road, Boston

    • Lunch 11:30am-2pm​ M-Th; Dinner 5-7pm M-W

Oral Hygiene Products

The following products have been confirmed as chametz free by Rabbi Gershon Segal of Newton (copied here with his permission):

  • Toothpaste: Aim, Colgate, Close Up, Pepsodent, Ultrabrite

  • Mouthwash: Scope, Listerine Cool Mint Antiseptic, Listerine Total Care Zero, Listerine Zero

  • Chapstick: Medicated, Moisturizer, Overnight, Ultra Moisture Gel, Ultra SPF 30